Renewing the mind

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Walking heaven minded is getting your mind renewed constantly. Part of renewing our mind is walking in an opposite spirit than our circumstances. Walking in the opposite spirit looks like choosing the reality of what God is speaking to you, regardless of the external surroundings. In every season, there is a way God is wanting to be known by you. There’s a part of Him He’s wanting you to access that you could not access before.

If we live in the suspicions and doubts that surround or enter our mind, we will live in the reality of them! If we choose the promise of His peace and search for it everywhere we go, we will see it contrary to the circumstances surrounding us. The goal in God’s heart is for peace to become a lasting thing. He’s promising us something that is actually already our inheritance. It belongs to us, as children of God.

He desires to banish fear, worry, anxiety, doubt, and all negativity from our being. It’s not our job to carry these things, these fruits of the enemy, it’s our job to carry the fruits of the Spirit. Something I have to intentionally preach to myself is this: if a thought leads to negativity, banish it, and give it to Jesus.

In Christ, I am entitled to peace. It’s my inheritance.

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