Dad’s Birthday.

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Reflecting today about the person my dad has been in my life thus far. The influence, the rock, the friend, the support, the teacher. There’s a song that speaks loudly to how I feel about my dad. It’s Shane and Shane’s “The One You Need.” Ever since they released the song, every time I listen to it I am overwhelmed with gratitude and humility, to God and to my dad. Of course he’s human and not perfect, but he has never not directed me to Jesus, in the trivial things and in the monstrous things, in the good and the bad. He’s always guided me to scripture, or to step back and find a new perspective in light of God’s character, or inspired me in an attitude of Christ. The last 4 years for me have been rich in growth – from frustrating and hard circumstances like my foot injury, to making big decisions on my own, to learning about service and ministry with my job at Connection – that growth could’ve been a lot more messy and painful, and not nearly as rich, if my dad had not been apart of it. His own love for and faith in Jesus is the reason he is the way he is. So on this day I almost wobble under the weight of gratitude and humility, for my dad and for the God we both call Lord of our lives.

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