God’s great gift

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God’s great gift to you, number one, is Jesus, and number two, is time. God has given you time to work, time to serve, time to love, time to laugh, time to labor, but, like any gift, how you use it is really up to you. And, we need to see every day – this day and every day – as a gift from God. Adrian Rogers

I have come to truly resonate with this truth. This truth about how one sees the day.

I’m not talking about being Miss Perky and always saying “it’s okay,” and being ignorant of my real human feelings. I’m talking about choosing to see things are more than they may appear. I’m talking about in stressful times, days when you’re exhausted and that oh so lovely sarcastic side comes out (for me, anyway), or moments when you just nothing but mega human… choosing to see more.

In a stressful time, I find myself drawn more to the nearness of God’s presence to bring me peace. When I’m exhausted, and my attitude tends to reveal itself, I cling to what’s good in the day, living grace and not condemnation. Moments when I am mega human, I choose to ask God how He is making me more into the image of His Son.

I believe that quote in its entirety. God’s greatest gift is Jesus. Second, time.

I want to use my time in the best possible way. It’s a short life.

So I live grace, I live thanksgiving, I live joy, and I live love.

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