What I’ve Learned… from my mom

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IMG_0509editGraduation from Georgia Southern University this past May. The love expressed to me on that day was truly amazing. So much support, pride, and love just in the eyes and embrace of those who came out to watch me walk across the stage.

This particular season of life is a crazy one, and while we can sometimes be short-circuited with each other, she has been a true gift from Heaven during this wedding planning process. I would probably feel as if I was drowning if I didn’t have her in my life. She’s like any other mom, wants to know when her kids are back at home (whether it’s 2 in the afternoon or 2 in the morning), she wants to take you shopping and treat you, and she’s there to give you advice and encouragement. I intercede often for those who don’t have active parents, and it humbles me to remember how good of a blessing mine are.

I did this kind of series a couple of years ago, but what I’ve found recently is that it highlights well the value of relationships in a life. What I learn from those around me is what I will always carry with me; what I learn from those around me become building blocks of my personality, my character, my choices.

What I’ve learned from my mom…

  • Get an Ebay account and learn the art of online bidding.
  • If you have an opportunity to spend time out in the sun in your swimsuit, take it.
  • Sometimes being quiet and waiting is the best way to get your daughters to open up to you.
  • Encourage your children not to get discouraged about a bad grade, but to be confident in doing your best.
  • Make your house the house where your kid and your kid’s friends want to hang out.
  • Take tons of pictures, regardless of how much your kids protest.
  • When you walk into the store your first stop should be the clearance rack.
  • Learn to believe that God is in control, no matter how hard or confusing a circumstance seems.
  • A consignment shop can be a gold mine.

And so many others… She rocks.

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