National Handwriting Day

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Yes, there is such a thing, and yes it is today! I’m a handwritin’ fool myself, so naturally I would end up finding this out. January 23rd was actually dubbed National Handwriting Day because it is John Hancock’s birthday (and we all know what he famously wrote).

I started out as a journaler, then doodler, then letterer. Stacks of journals and sketchbooks fill my shelf, and it’s a favorite passion of mine. I love and admire the art of penmanship.

National Handwriting Day began to reintroduce humanity to the good, old fashioned pen and paper; the pure sweetness of handwriting. One of my themes for 2015 is to do more of it. To make more time to doodle, letter, and write. If I could get a PHD, I’d probably get it in penmanship. Everyone has unique penmanship, it’s like a thumb print! Wouldn’t that be cool to learn about? …. Just me? That’s cool.

How else can you celebrate this day?

++ Think about all the important, handwritten documents in the world. How sacred + important they are.

++ Learn what your handwriting says about yourself.

++ If you don’t write in cursive well, practice. It’s a faster way of writing, and most of the time it looks cooler.

++ Write letters to friends that live in a different state than you (way better than only getting bills in the mail). It’s sure to brighten someone’s day.

++ Learn about different fonts to write in. This is my personal favorite. Maybe it’s my inherent lettering-doodling ‘gift,’ but if I get bored with my penmanship I change it. I like to discover a new style and spend a little time trying to replicate it.

++ Practice your personal signature. Make it fancy, unique, bold just like you!

++ Doodle your favorite quote. This is my default setting usually… or a funky seahorse or butterfly. (You heard me, funky seahorse.)

Here’s to National Handwriting Day!

PS – below is an example of what I like to do. Say yes to… more handwriting!

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