She’s Toothpaste, I’m Orange Juice… Sisterly Love.

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Friends. Siblings are a special part of life. I only have one, and she’s a rockstar.

We’re exactly 2.5 years apart and didn’t stop fighting until I left for college. I think not living under the same roof helped us a good bit — we found more to actually talk about, and we were thrilled when we got to see each other after weeks of being hours away.

Since that marvelous transition in our relationship, the entire world is happier for it.

She may be strong-minded *ahem sometimes stubborn*, but she’s wonderfully passionate. She may be opinionated, but she’s loyal. She is comfortable in tennis shoes and a t-shirt, but she’s beautiful. She’s imperfect, but she is a lover of life. She’s adventurous, she can shop from sun-up to sun-down. She’s an all-or-nothing kind of gal, and experiences with her are memorable.

I’m the big sister. And you big sisters out there can all relate to the different kind of responsibility one feels as a big sister. I probably haven’t always done the best job at being her sister and not a mother, but I hope she knows I have always loved her. In the last couple of years, I have learned a lot about our relationship.

We are night and day, toothpaste and orange juice, north and south. But the older we get the more I realize we are genuinely true friends, and I always want to be a safe place for her.

I want the brightest of futures for her. I want the deepest of friendships for her. I want her to embrace her beauty, to be confident in how God created her. I want her to tap into her strengths, and to learn from her weaknesses. I want her to strive to be the best woman she can be. I want her to give grace, to herself and also to others. I want her to see the world. I want her to meet the man of her dreams, get married, have 7 children, and live within hours of my family so we can see each other often as we age.

She has the rest of a wonderful life ahead of her, and it’s hers for the taking.

I want to tell every woman I meet these same things. But for my sister I write this prayer, this prayer I pray often…

Kennie, I pray you seek God every day. I pray you find people you can share life with. I pray you make the sweetest of memories in college. I pray that your education doesn’t shorten your life or give you prematurely gray hairs. I pray you recognize your beauty and your strength. I pray you love deeply and live simply. I pray you find your own adventures. I pray you remember daily how special you are, how important your choices are, and how much you are loved.

P.S. Trying Softer

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