My Weekend According To My iPhone

My Weekend According To My iPhone | heartnatured

My good friend from Jacksonville decided on a spontaneous trip up to Georgia this weekend! We haven’t seen each other since last August, and were both excited at the chance for some face-time. We indulged in Cracker Barrel pancakes, Japanese food while watching Hercules (we’re both Disney buffs),  Sonic happy hour, and nail care (all of these, by the way, are my favorite weekend indulges, all rolled into one — although I might trade waffles for pancakes)… all the while conversing about anything from past memories to future hopes.

The weather was crazy nice so my weekend long run included my shades and some happy tunes, and we left our back door open for hours enjoying the warmth.

PS – My Utmost For His Highest, has anyone ever used it for their daily devotion? I’ve used it off and on since high school, an occasional read here or there. I got this pocket-size version recently, and have enjoyed leaving it in my purse or car for busy days or waiting rooms or lunch breaks. Great resource!

Hope your weekend was sunny and sweet!

Any favorite weekend indulgences?

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