Treating August Like January

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heartnaturedJanuary 1 is the time to make resolutions, right? Well, there’s no rule that says it can’t also happen in the middle of the year. I declare August a month to make goals. I’m not in school anymore, but there’s something about the school year calendar that feels fresh. A new beginning of sorts.

“We can start a new 24 hours whenever we want!” I happen to really dig this sentiment.

So, what are my August Resolutions? Here we go…

Yoga Every Day  – Whether it’s 5 minutes after breakfast or 30 minutes on the mat. The above is one of my goal (progress tracking) poses. I’ll probably do a ‘progress check’ every month.

10% Refined Sugar – I would say ZERO, but I think the occasional frozen yogurt or chocolate chip cookie makes life more enjoyable.

More Writing, Less Typing – I’ve found myself keeping a notebook in my purse so I can make notes, keep a calendar, with pen and paper, instead of always looking at my phone. Simplicity in contrast to far too much stimulus in our technology-driven world.

Less Perfection, More Personality – Less time letting my thoughts, decisions, personality be dictated by other people – by fear. No more overanalyzing every thought, assuming what other people are thinking.

Let’s do this. Enjoy life. Challenge ourselves. Set goals. Strive for what is helpful instead of hurtful.

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