Gratefulness Lately

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I’ve always understood that the counterpart to apathy, discouragement, selfishness is thanksgiving. That’s where I am today. Longing for lightheartedness and freedom, so I give thanks.

Lately, I’m thankful for:

  • rain to nourish the earth (hopefully bringing cooler weather with it)
  • a husband who loves me in spite of my moods
  • a group of believers to meet with once a week; to talk, reflect, question, challenge, encourage
  • a sister who makes me laugh
  • a roof over my head
  • upbeat music to perk up any stressful day
  • scripture to turn to when I’m stuck, bummed, selfish, etc
  • God’s mercy that embraces me every morning
  • a [Starbucks] caffeine boost on tired mornings
  • the reality that God is not surprised by any of the madness in the world today; He is Sovereign
  • fun people to work with
  • a cell phone to communicate with friends all over the state
  • the fact that my only niece is getting baptized this weekend
  • parents who love and support us
  • a best friend who never judges me when I’m being ridiculous
  • a job that I enjoy
  • the fact that October is almost here! I’m ready for bonfires and soups and boots.
  • the ability to go for a jog
  • Jesus, just Jesus
  • a husband I love to laugh and hang out with
  • a Heavenly Father who welcomes this prodigal daughter, over and over again
  • a fun, eventful Fall season filled with friends and family
  • the red and orange leaves beginning to make an appearance

Happy Tuesday, my friends.

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