My Weekend According To My iPhone

Amelia Island Adventure | heartnaturedMy best friend is getting married next Spring. My best girl since 2nd grade. The one who has been with me through every awkward, fabulous, difficult, sweet season. The only one I made a secret handshake with. The one who stood beside me as I got married. She’s the best.

She’s getting married where she spent many a summer, many a weekend — Amelia Island. This weekend we ate delicious food, shopped, laughed and learned, and made a couple wedding decisions.

It’s going to be a beautiful day, a beautiful life for the two of them together. I love being her MOH.

A weekend away can be so energizing.  I even got to stop in Statesboro and see some of my favorite friends-turned-family. (And a day off from work doesn’t hurt.)

Thank you, God, for fun weekends.

How was your weekend?

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