A Georgian Packing For Colorado

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A Georgian Packing For Colorado | heartnatured

If you live in Georgia, you know it’s been a rather warm December. That makes packing for 20 degree weather even more of an adventure. I made a list, I borrowed, I planned.

Our room looked like a winter clothing tornado blew through it. We have plans to ski, snowshoe, walk around town, sled, eat out, and have some great quality time with our siblings and newest nephew.

Priorities on my list:

  • Comfortable boots
  • Warm tights
  • Base layers
  • Fleece headband and hat
  • Ski gear
  • Good socks
  • Mini toiletry everything
  • Kindle Fire for books and movies
  • External charger
  • Lifeproof case (so I can capture moments on the mountaintop)
  • Little Bible
  • Small Canon camera

A Georgian Packing For Colorado | heartnatured

Our flight out of Atlanta is at 6am tomorrow, and we’ll stop in Dallas, before we finally arrive in Durango, Colorado.

Living in South Georgia we don’t ever see fresh snow, so I am pretty pumped. I can’t wait to take some great photographs, catch up with our family, and ski with my man.

Have you ever been to Colorado? Do you enjoy skiing?

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