Crushing On….

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A variety of things happen when you’re sick and only want to lay on the couch all day. You read, you watch Netflix, and you explore the internet. I compiled some cool finds but never posted them. Maybe they can brighten up your Monday.

For when you love animals and need a laugh.

My mouth is drooling over these chicken and waffle sliders.

What to read to get better photos with your iPhone.

A monthly reset! Genius.

Your happiness matters to God, girl.

This quote.

What a creative small space.

Enjoy podcasts and running? You’ll like these.

A fancy grilled cheese sandwich — I wouldn’t be able to resist.

Valentine’s day style ideas for any gal.

Once the weather cools off, I will be making this minestrone.

I will make this bread one day.

Gingersnap chocolate bark? Too pretty. (pictured)

Happy reading :)

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