Week 15/52: Mom’s 50th!

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Photo + Story —-

We threw my mom a surprise party over the weekend to celebrate her 50th birthday. She loved it, and was marvelously surprised.

Week 15/52: Mom's 50th!IMG_7955IMG_7951

Week 15/52: Mom's 50th!

Week 15/52: Mom's 50th!

Quote —-

“Your children will one day grow up and realize you are not perfect. You can either try and keep the lie going, denying it, or be their strongest advocate by demonstrating humility and a need for grace. In this way, they will see that we have all fallen short of the glory of God and there is only one perfect Father, who we worship.” Unclean Lips

Song —-

To Leave It All Behind, Moriah Peters

Recipe —-

We slacked off on dinner this week, majorly. But, I really want to be adventurous and make these cranberry almond bars.

I’m thankful for —-

A busy and fun weekend with out of town family, the gracious chiseling that is the Holy Spirit, an easy run in the sunshine, and delicious southern food.

Hope you’re having a nice Monday so far.

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