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Long Way Gone by Charles Martin

A creative retelling of the story of the prodigal son, this book was difficult to put down once I got a few chapters in. Not being at all musically inclined, I enjoyed the theme of the power of music throughout this book, from tent revivals and simple piano to concerts at the Ryman Auditorium in Nashville.

“We’re all broken, all walk with a limp. Here is the truth about you and me: even when in a far-off country, wasted life, stripped bare, smeared, squandered, nothing but scar tissue and shameful, self-inflicted wounds, the love of the Father finds the son and daughter.” 

Unsupermommy by Maggie Combs

Basic premise: you don’t have to be a superhero to do all that God has placed before you to do when you rely on said all-sufficient, all-powerful God. I enjoyed Maggie’s challenges to my tend-to-take-on-all-the-expectations heart, but I especially enjoyed how practical her wisdom was.

You Who? Why You Matter and How You Deal With It Rachel Jankovic

I confess I only read book because it was free with Kindle Unlimited, but I’m glad I did. In her own spunky and fresh way, Rachel flipped many of our identity wrestlings on their heads. A line from the back cover can summarize Rachel’s message: Stop looking inside, and start planting flags of everyday faithfulness. In Christianity, the self is always a tool and never a destination.

“When all my life is oriented around glorifying God, I see the value and glory and joy in the little. I see the Creator of all things in the details of my life. His presence there makes nothing little.” 

Life Without Lack by Dallas Willard

This book is a compilation of talks Dallas Willard gave on Psalm 23 that his daughter and friend put together. In his gracious and unique way, Dallas uncovers practical application and heart-changing treasure from Psalm 23’s loudest truth: God is all you need.

A life without lack is a life in which one is completely satisfied and sustained, no matter what happens. No matter what happens! It’s not merely a matter of gritting your teeth and hanging on. It is a matter of real provisions directly from God to you.

Currently reading: Introverted Mom (Jamie Martin) and All That’s Good (Hannah Anderson)

I’m always up for book recommendations. What are you currently reading?

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