Reading and Listening | No. 17

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Spiritual Practices and the Enneagram – Suzanne Stabile

The Next Right Thing – Emily P. Freeman

There is power in naming the unnamed things. This is an important part of our decision-making practice and key to taking our next right step in love. Remember today is a plot point. See it honestly for what it is, but don’t confuse the moment for the whole story.

Seven Words That Can Change Everything – Louie Giglio

Introverted Mom – Jamie C. Martin

If you drop your child off for a lesson, and feel lucky to sit in the car alone, you might be an introverted mother.

Being Glad With God – Renovare

A good translation of Philippians 4:4 is, “Celebrate in the Lord, always.” But what does that mean in practical terms? Author and teacher Jan Johnson joins Nathan Foster again to discuss being glad with God in the present moment.

Knowing You’re A Child Of God – John Piper

Being led by the Spirit is evidence of being a child of God, but that doesn’t mean we hear Holy Spirit’s voice telling us who to marry or where to work, it means we’re led in a constant battle with our sin.

Life Without Lack – Dallas Willard

Much of our effort to do things for the Lord is really the resurgence of our desire to dominate and make things happen in our own strength.

What has inspired you this month?

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