One Month With Anna

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Height + Weight: She is currently weighing in at 8 pounds and 9 ounces, almost two pounds grown from her birth weight! Looking at pictures from our hospital stay, it’s amazing how much she has filled out and changed.

Clothes: Most of the newborn onesies still fit a little big on her, the shoulders looking more like box sleeves than a cozy shirt. But she’s getting there!

Sleeping: Week 3 held some long stretches during the day without any good sleep, and we learned the term ‘witching hour’ after a few nights of major fussiness. But, at the one month mark, we are settling in to more of a rhythm, with varying daytime nap lengths and some longer stretches at night.

Eating: Milk, milk and more milk.

Health: She is marvelously healthy, and I thank God every day. We’re looking forward to her two month check up, where she will also get her first round of shots (this mom might have to plug her ears)! We’re also trying medicine for possible reflux issues.

Crying: We’re learning the wide range of her crying, but like I mentioned above, there are a few sections during the day she is especially fussy and cries a lot. J has been a champ for compassionately rocking her as she wails not 12 inches from his ears late at night.

Likes: Eating, sleeping in the pack ‘n’ play, the sound machine and napping with Dad.

Dislikes: She isn’t a big fan of the car seat, but I came across Cara’s suggestion of a portable sound machine and it has made a huge difference. Also, it wasn’t until 4 week that she didn’t cry through a bath, so that’s exciting.

Milestones: She slept for almost 4 hours the other night! Progress.

We’re also getting out of the house for a little bit every day to hang out with friends and family, which is fun.

Our 5 year wedding anniversary was two weeks after Anna was born, but we still went out on a date! (John asked, ‘Do you miss her?’ to which I said, ‘Yes, but I’m choosing bravery and trusting God.’ Haha.)

Places She’s Been: Target, both our parents’ homes, and the doctor’s office.

Memorable Moments: When we wrap her up in a blanket with her arms out while she’s sleeping, every couple of minutes she changes positions. With my phone I captured probably 10 different poses and they are all pretty cute. (Also, this speaks to the fact that while she is sleeping I check on her probably 3-4 times. Not because I’m worried about her but because she’s unbelievably sweet looking while she sleeps.)

I think she was a week old and we had an errand to run but we ill-timed it (late for a feeding) and she spent the entire drive to and from crying intensely from the car seat. We learned a lesson REAL quickly: as much as it is within your power, time new and adventurous outings after a full stomach.

Parent Stories: We laughed because packages kept coming almost every day (High five, Amazon Prime.) because I was researching and purchasing swaddles to try. I’m pretty sure we have 5 different ones!

Also, register for or purchase yourself double and triple of certain things (I’m looking at you changing pad cover and burp cloths).

I paid and downloaded an app that has been a sanity-saver: Baby Connect. There is no way I’m remembering all the details of feeding and sleeping and diapers when the doctor asks, or simply when I need to know, so it’s been GREAT. Highly recommend if you find you need some assistance keeping all the things together in your head.

Prayers: For wisdom in how best to take care of her from one day to next; for rest when we’re sleeping and energy when we’re awake; thanksgiving for how she is growing well; asking His presence to fill our home.

To say we are loving these early days would be an understatement. To say we are learning and being stretched daily would also be an understatement.

And, to our friends and family who have been praying, helping, bringing us food and cheering us on — you are a gift and we thank you!

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