Two Months With Anna

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Height + Weight: She is currently weighing in at 10 pounds and 11 ounces and 22 inches long! In Doc’s words, “She’s lean but growing at the perfect rate!”

Clothes: We have finally moved into 0-3 months clothes! This might surprise some people, especially those who enjoy clothes, but I haven’t put her in anything but onesies yet. Mostly because they are simple and easy and we’re not going anywhere fancy.

Sleeping: We are getting much longer stretches of sleep at night, 4-5 hours at a time. Also, even though tonight is bound to surprise us, we have settled into a one ‘middle of the night’ (after 10 and before 5) feeding. Thankful!

Eating: Milk, milk and more milk.

Health: The second reflux medicine we tried has made a positive difference and I am pumped about it. She is still spitting up every feeding but it isn’t nearly as much and it doesn’t seem to bother her anymore. Hallelujah. She’s growing so long and her cheeks and legs are filling out, which is fun to see.

Crying: Being two months old so she cries with purpose and she cries simply because. The intense “I’m really uncomfortable” crying isn’t cute, but the whimpers are. Only a parent would say that about their baby I’m sure.

Likes: Eating, going for a walk in the stroller, looking out the window and laying on the changing table.

Dislikes: Being interrupted while eating to be burped and when we take too long to warm up her milk.

Milestones: This week we had a 6.5 hour nighttime sleep! Yesssss.

We’re also starting tummy time to strengthen her muscles. It’s fun to watch her respond and figure it out.

Places She’s Been: Kroger, Panera, church and multiple friends’ homes.

Memorable Moments: Before daytime naps I put her in the swing and read a story from the Jesus Storybook Bible. It’s probably my wishful thinking, but twice she has been really fussy but by the time I got a page in, she was calm and content. Sweet to think about the books we’ll read together and the conversations we’ll have about God and the Bible as she grows.

She is engaging more, with smiles and coos, and it’s really fun. She follows light and shadows and smiles at dangly toys.

Parent Stories: There is a running joke because she seems to be making her biggest diaper around the same time every day, which means I have changed all of them. Dad is waiting on his turn and he knows it’s going to be a huge one.

John has also taken to mimicking the coos she makes, making her continue with them. In his words, ‘it’s our first conversation!’

Prayers: For wisdom in how best care for her from one day to next; for intimacy and joyful love between us as husband and wife; thanksgiving for how she is sleeping and eating well; for His favor as I resume work, and learn how to best handle work expectations and care for her during the day; asking His presence to fill our home.

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