Three Months With Anna

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Weight: She is currently weighing in at 12 pounds.

Clothes: We’re now in long sleeve onesies and cozy [adorable] footie pajamas.

Sleeping: We are enjoying some seriously good nighttime sleep before the so-called ‘4 month sleep regression.’ Daytime naps are relatively short but our nighttime sleeps are marvelously 7-9 hours. 

Eating: Milk, milk and more milk.

Health: We’re still giving her the reflux medicine and it is still helping. She’s a ‘happy spitter,’ as Doc says. She’s in a high percentile for height and a low one for weight, but growing healthily! 

Likes: Eating, discovering her hands are attached to her body and a little tummy time.

Dislikes: Being interrupted while eating to be burped, when we take too long to warm up her milk and when a lot of people get in her face at one time.

Milestones: She’s making great (and fun to watch) progress in holding her head up! 

Memorable Moments: She made a very short appearance at her aunt’s wedding. It was a little too chilly outside so our contentment went to crying pretty quickly. But she was in some family shots! (The above photos were her wedding outfit.)

It is sweet listening to her babble in her own way, and fun to engage her to keep the ‘conversation’ going. 

We went to Sky Valley for a few days this month (our first road trip!), a place both John and I grew up visiting yearly if not multiple times a year. It’s neat to think of all the memories we’ll make there as a family of our own. 

Parent Stories: We enjoyed our first Halloween as a family. No costume, but a fun fall outfit. Halloween was a memorable night, though, because John filled one of Anna’s footie pajamas with blankets and burp cloths, put a knit hat over a small UGA football helmet, and walked around pretending he had Anna in the baby carrier. He kept dropping her ‘head’ and freaking people out. I think maybe 3 people thought it was funny. Everyone else was a little appalled. 

Baby sneezes are still pretty adorable and make us laugh. 

Prayers: For wisdom in how best to take care of her from one day to next; thanksgiving for how’s she growing well; for energy to continue pursuing each other and listening well; asking His presence to fill our home.

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