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A Fictional King and An Eternal One

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The opening scene put goose bumps on my arms.

The comic relief of Timon and Pumbaa was spot on.

The way they stuck to the original story made me glad. 

But what surprised me most as I watched was when I thought of God. 

It’s everyone’s least favorite scene. (I may or may not have watched it with my hands over my face.) The stampede. Scar’s lies. Simba’s fear. 

I’m watching Mufasa fight to reach Simba, watching him fall and get back up, watching him almost make it and then Scar betray him. I knew this scene was coming – hello – but I’m still feeling sad, angry, and wish it wasn’t so. 

And God whispers…

That will never happen to me. 

And the weight lightens a little. 

There is unfair, devastating loss in this life. There is uncertainty, disappointment, pain and a vast amount of circumstances to grieve over. But there is One who will never die, never lose and never falter. 

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maternity photos + thoughts at week 36

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Houston, we are almost at the end of week 36!

As many women in this position can testify to, my heart and mind are almost constantly whirring with questions, wonders, ideas, familiar desires and dreams.

Thought #1: Woah, how is this baby going to come out? (Which is polite code for: CAN MY BODY DO THIS?! THIS BABY HAS TO COME OUT.) I remind myself the truth: God wired and designed my body with the capability to give birth to this baby. There’s no certainty of how it will go, what I hope for might happen or the complete opposite could happen. Either way, God-willing, this human will come out healthy, breathe life, and we’ll rejoice.

Thought #2: It’s quite the feat to hold grace in one hand and preparation in the other. I’m doing my best to get everything I can completed at work before baby and maternity leave, but some things are out of my hands and I have to release it. We’d like to finish a few things around the house before she comes; if they don’t get done, it’s really okay. Purchasing, organizing, and packing hospital bags are all kinds of wise, but if it doesn’t happen the way I hope it does, grace.

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Reading and Listening | No. 17

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Spiritual Practices and the Enneagram – Suzanne Stabile

The Next Right Thing – Emily P. Freeman

There is power in naming the unnamed things. This is an important part of our decision-making practice and key to taking our next right step in love. Remember today is a plot point. See it honestly for what it is, but don’t confuse the moment for the whole story.

Seven Words That Can Change Everything – Louie Giglio

Introverted Mom – Jamie C. Martin

If you drop your child off for a lesson, and feel lucky to sit in the car alone, you might be an introverted mother.

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