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Valentine’s Day Toaster Strudels

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Who didn’t enjoy toaster strudels as a child? I was the weird kid who only wanted the warm pastry with a little icing on top, so I’d eat around the edges and leave the filling for another family member.

They did not disappoint. It was easy to make, and even yummier to eat. The entire time, we were brainstorming aloud, “I bet we could add this or that into these things.” or “What do you think about a topping?”

With puff pastry sheets and your favorite jam or savory filling, they are a unique (but simple) breakfast.

Our choices for fillings included homemade strawberry jam, Apple Barn strawberry jam, Apple Barn apple butter, and my family’s homemade muscadine

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Recipes On My ‘To-Make’ List

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Recipes On My 'To-Make' List | heartnatured

Gnocchi with Tomatoes and Mozzarella – I’ve always wanted to make a meal with gnocchi, but alas. This month, it is.

The Ultimate Meat Lovers Pizza – An ultimate indulgence for me.

Apple Crisp Baked Brie – Tart and sweet is a marvelous combination; making this could be an adventure.

Tortellini Tomato Soup – Soups are where it’s at for the cold months, and I enjoy tortellini.

Cinnamon Crunch Bagel Loaf – Solely because I like breads.

New Orleans Style Gumbo – Looks intriguing! And flavorful.

— Any particular recipes on your December list?