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STORY: We attended a ‘newborn and beyond’ class at the hospital this week and walked away with a smidge more familiarly and knowledge so, grateful for that. The most fascinating part to me of the doctor’s presentation was all the things that a baby is born with that go away or change within 24 hours to a few weeks of life. Some aspects doctors still don’t know why they happen! Amazing.

GRACE: A week or so into a new Bible study on cultivating an eternal mindset written by Natalie Met Lewis – enjoying it! She is driven by the belief that Jesus had eyes for the Kingdom and things unseen, so to be more like Jesus, we must also fix our attention there.

STORY: 31 weeks pregnant! Flavor cravings: buffalo and sour cream and onion (not together). Still trying to figure out how to get enough rest. Our dining room still looks like a Buy Buy Baby tornado blew through it; still brainstorming how we want to organize and store items. Current practical thing that overwhelms me: having the right clothes for her. Fun things: continued talk about her name, planning a location to have a friend take some maternity photos, and talking about pregnancy with other moms.

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Tried a new fad: a meat and cheese charcuterie board from a local Augusta restaurant, and I’m munching seriously on Oh She Glows chickpea salad.


Recently acquired these shoes and I’ve wanted to wear them everyday. (Long comfy shirt, American Eagle jeggings, and these shoes = my favorite, most worn outfit.)


Tony Reinke’s Newton on the Christian Life: To Live Is Christ.

The ascended Christ in heaven is the foundation of our hopes, the source of our sublimest joys, and the sufficient, the only sufficient, answer to all the suggestions by which guilt, fear, unbelief, and Satan, fight against our peace. Surrounded as we are with enemies and difficulties, we plead, against every accusation and threatening, that our Head is in heaven; we have an Advocate with the Father, a High Priest upon the throne, who, because he ever liveth to make intercession, is able to save to the uttermost [Heb. 7:25].


A new practice of making our bed in the morning and sitting in the center for a full 5 minutes. No reading, no music, simply quiet. Praying, not praying. A moment of stillness.

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What I’m Listening To | No. 10

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The Inerrancy of Scripture – The Village Church

A.W. Tozer says it this way. I love this quote. He says, “Why do I insist that all Christians should search the Scriptures and learn as much as they can about this God who is dealing with them? It is because their faith will only spring up naturally and joyfully as they find that our God is trustworthy and fully able to perform every promise he has made.” Look at that! Their faith will grow when they begin to realize the God who has revealed himself in Scriptures is fully able to perform every promise he made because he is the holy, trustworthy one.

Aaron Keyes

Quieting the Mental Committee to Hear God – Renovaré Podcast

I started Jan’s book after listening to this podcast, and it is already revolutionizing my desires and interaction with God.

Majestic – Kari Jobe

An interview with Brittany Price Brooker – Jill Monaco Podcast

Are you going through something and wonder what is God doing? If you are struggling to believe God loves you because you are going through something hard, this episode is for you. Sometimes we can hear God in our disappointment, suffering or pain when we hear someone share their story.



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