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Tried a new fad: a meat and cheese charcuterie board from a local Augusta restaurant, and I’m munching seriously on Oh She Glows chickpea salad.


Recently acquired these shoes and I’ve wanted to wear them everyday. (Long comfy shirt, American Eagle jeggings, and these shoes = my favorite, most worn outfit.)


Tony Reinke’s Newton on the Christian Life: To Live Is Christ.

The ascended Christ in heaven is the foundation of our hopes, the source of our sublimest joys, and the sufficient, the only sufficient, answer to all the suggestions by which guilt, fear, unbelief, and Satan, fight against our peace. Surrounded as we are with enemies and difficulties, we plead, against every accusation and threatening, that our Head is in heaven; we have an Advocate with the Father, a High Priest upon the throne, who, because he ever liveth to make intercession, is able to save to the uttermost [Heb. 7:25].


A new practice of making our bed in the morning and sitting in the center for a full 5 minutes. No reading, no music, simply quiet. Praying, not praying. A moment of stillness.

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Little Sis On Your 21st Birthday…

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Little Sis On Your 21st Birthday...


You’re in a season of life full of change and growth and discovery. You’re figuring out who you are, who you want to be, and who will be with you during the ride. You’re smart, beautiful, passionate, and loyal. As you go on, remember that you will make mistakes, and it’ll be okay. More than okay, because in those moments, you’ll learn. There is so much grace to be lived in, given to you by a Heavenly Father who loves you and by family who loves you so dearly. You made our unit a foursome, and it’s been a great ride. You have been my best sister friend, my Disney rides buddy, the girl I matched Easter dresses with, the one I shop with, the one I love to laugh with at family traditions. I’m so happy you’ll always be in my life, that you’ll always be close. You have so many great things ahead of you, and I want to encourage you to soak up every minute. Choose joy over negativity, choose courage over fear, choose compassion, choose love. Take care of yourself, emotionally, physically, and mentally. You aren’t meant to be everything for everybody. Find out what you’re passionate about, find the people who build you up and sharpen you, seek the Lord, and enjoy this beautiful life you have. Take risks, be adventurous, but be smart. You live with your decisions, and you can make your life whatever you want it to be! You have the strength in you. I’m proud of you, K. Proud to be your big sis. Embrace your quirks, be gracious to those who aren’t the least bit like you. I’m still learning such things, and want you to have the fullest life you can. Thank you for teaching me about style, makeup, and pharmacy facts. Remember God is with you every single second, wanting to love and help and provide for and guide and change you. He has big, great plans for your life, seek Him with your whole heart and He will satisfy you like nothing else. I love you forever and always. I’ll always be your best big sister friend, in your corner, ready to fight off the crazies or be your cheerleader. I hope and pray this is the best year yet — full of fun, love, adventures, and growth.

A Birthday Letter To Dad

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Happy birthday, Daddy.

I am grateful God chose you to be my dad. I continually learn about life, love, God, and myself being your daughter. You live your life, and I watch. You serve your community seemingly without limits. You love the Lord, and share His words whenever someone needs to hear them. You are a smart working professional and you always try to treat people with kindness. You daily pursue and love your wife; you disciplined your kids, while giving them the space to make mistakes and grow. You cherish family traditions, and you are generous with your money and your time. It’s difficult for you to say ‘no,’ and your default in any situation is to be the peacekeeper. You are imperfect. You are human. First and foremost you are a son of God’s, you are a follower of His, and that is why you are a great dad. Not because you give us good gifts, not because we travel to fun places, not because you are funny, and not because of your job or status, but because you know God on a personal level. He’s your Source of life, your peace, your joy. Your relationship with Him seeps into every other detail of life. You raised us, talked to us, loved us, supported us, challenged us, and disciplined us out of heart saved by Grace. What a gift that is. As I’ve grown older, our relationship has changed a bit. There’s a friendship there that wasn’t there when I was six, or ten, or even fifteen. I can’t wait for my future kids (none on the horizon yet, fyi) to grow up with you in their lives. I’m thrilled to see you enter a new year, and am excited to see all God has planned.  I hope it is full of joy, rest, fun, and community.