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wanting Christmas decorations to mean more

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Can they be lovely? Of course.

Can they be elaborate? Can they be simple? Definitely, whatever your taste.

Can they be overwhelming? Sure, if that’s how you like it.

Can they be nonexistent? It’s your December.

Can they be more than decorative elements? Yes! I think they can.

While putting our decorations up, I noticed an interesting thread. Most of what I put up had an obvious, uplifting, and sweet reason for being there.

The snowman on our steps was my grandmother’s. We were close and she died almost 10 years ago from pancreatic cancer. We once tried to count all the snowmen in her home and became tired before we passed 50. Christmas was a joyous season for her, and I love that I have a few of her favorite things to decorate our home with.

Prints and scripts that prompt our hearts to worship and admire God. (And drawings from good friends’ kids. The best.)

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Every Ornament Has A Story

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Growing up, my sister and I had Christmas trees in our rooms. Starting out small, as we grew up, they became full of our favorite Disney characters, vacation spots, and sports icons. Sentimental, memory trees you could even say. And my mom’s big living room tree is no different. There’s hardly anymore space for new ornaments there is so many. And each one has a memory, story or purpose for being there. Crafts made when we were six, beautiful Disney figurines, funky colors and shapes collected over the years, special ornaments given as gifts, etc. I love this style of Christmas tree, and have naturally brought it into my married life.

J and I have decided to collect an ornament from everywhere we visit — from New York City to the Riverbanks Zoo in Columbia, SC to the Biltmore Inn in Asheville, NC. Do you collect anything? I love the idea of adding ornaments to our tree of our adventures, telling stories as years pass.

As you can see, my childhood appears a few times, with my 1994 Dalmatians ornament or the runner girl. The clear ball with the painted snowman is special because my late grandmother, who was very dear to me, painted them for all of us grandkids. There are a couple of them placed around the tree.

Every Ornament Has A Story | heartnatured

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Decorating Our Home For Christmas

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Our first Christmas in the new house, complete with lights around the fridge and a live tree J surprised me with last week!

Christmas decor makes a home so much more cozy, don’t you think? The warm lights, great smelling candles, the red and green everywhere. My mother-in-law gave us some Christmas dishes last year (which I’m super grateful for) and I got them out only days after Thanksgiving, aren’t they festive?

I think my favorite decorations we have up are the lights, Christmas dishes, and the big pine cones (taken happily from my in-laws’ attic).

What are your favorite holiday decorations? I’d love to have a small Jesse tree one day.

Decorating Our Home For Christmas | heartnatured

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