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Week 16/52: Spin Bike, Pool Time, and Rascal Flatts

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Eventful week and weekend! Went to spin classes that kicked my butt. Ran three miles for the first time in months. Assembled my own spin bike that arrived (yay!). Celebrated my best friend at a “three-weeks-to-your-wedding” lunch with some sweet ladies. Saw Rascal Flatts in concert with my mom and sister. And spent some great time in the sunshine with my man.

It was filled with equal parts rest and busyness. Praise Him.

Week 16/25: Spin Bike, Pool Time, and Rascal Flatts

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A Photographic #TBT Post

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I recently went looking through my iPhoto app searching for a particular photo. Mind you, I’ve had this computer this 2010, so you can imagine the amount of photos currently on this device. A lot. And quite the bunch! Looking through photos I felt joy, sadness, nostalgia, gratitude.

The time I competed for two high school state championship titles in the hurdles.


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