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STORY: We attended a ‘newborn and beyond’ class at the hospital this week and walked away with a smidge more familiarly and knowledge so, grateful for that. The most fascinating part to me of the doctor’s presentation was all the things that a baby is born with that go away or change within 24 hours to a few weeks of life. Some aspects doctors still don’t know why they happen! Amazing.

GRACE: A week or so into a new Bible study on cultivating an eternal mindset written by Natalie Met Lewis – enjoying it! She is driven by the belief that Jesus had eyes for the Kingdom and things unseen, so to be more like Jesus, we must also fix our attention there.

STORY: 31 weeks pregnant! Flavor cravings: buffalo and sour cream and onion (not together). Still trying to figure out how to get enough rest. Our dining room still looks like a Buy Buy Baby tornado blew through it; still brainstorming how we want to organize and store items. Current practical thing that overwhelms me: having the right clothes for her. Fun things: continued talk about her name, planning a location to have a friend take some maternity photos, and talking about pregnancy with other moms.

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