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Tried a new fad: a meat and cheese charcuterie board from a local Augusta restaurant, and I’m munching seriously on Oh She Glows chickpea salad.


Recently acquired these shoes and I’ve wanted to wear them everyday. (Long comfy shirt, American Eagle jeggings, and these shoes = my favorite, most worn outfit.)


Tony Reinke’s Newton on the Christian Life: To Live Is Christ.

The ascended Christ in heaven is the foundation of our hopes, the source of our sublimest joys, and the sufficient, the only sufficient, answer to all the suggestions by which guilt, fear, unbelief, and Satan, fight against our peace. Surrounded as we are with enemies and difficulties, we plead, against every accusation and threatening, that our Head is in heaven; we have an Advocate with the Father, a High Priest upon the throne, who, because he ever liveth to make intercession, is able to save to the uttermost [Heb. 7:25].


A new practice of making our bed in the morning and sitting in the center for a full 5 minutes. No reading, no music, simply quiet. Praying, not praying. A moment of stillness.

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jewelry highlight: fair trade winds

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Just a little Thursday pop-in to say how much I adore my new peacock earrings from Fair Trade Winds.

Fair Trade helps socially and economically marginalized people all around the world.  The most significant way Fair Trade creates opportunity is by providing access to the global market.  This process gives producers a chance to break the cycle of poverty and provide sustainably for themselves and their families.

Week 10/52: Waffles, Fair Trade, and Spurgeon

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We made it to another Friday, friends! I hope you are well, smiling, and thankful this morning.

Photo —- Waffles for dinner! Possibly my all-time favorite breakfast item, available at any meal time. Praise the Lord for such a wonder. :)

Are you the ‘breakfast for dinner’ type?

Week 10/52: Waffles, Fair Trade, and Spurgeon | heartnatured

Story —-

I recieved some great jewelry this week in the mail, inspired by a desire to support more fair trade work. Noonday Collection and Raven + Lily. Below is a necklace from Raven + Lily. They have beautiful pieces, and each one comes with a story. I plan to build my accessory arsenal this way, supporting other beautiful women around the world and their creativity.

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